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Superior Modular Dock:
Thinking outside the blocks

Never a company to rest on its laurels, Australia-based Superior Jetties kick started 2021 with the release of a fresh and improved version of its well-proven Superior Modular Dock (SMD). Like other floating modular systems of connectable cubes, Superior’s offering is a versatile alternative to more costly fixed-dock arrangements, but developing next generation quality that builds on the proven flexibility, longevity and aesthetic appeal of a 20-year-old product has required some keen R&D. Read more ...
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Boat Lifts and Marina Systems

Having spent decades perfecting and innovating its products and services to meet the demands of clients throughout the world, Golden Manufacturing is now recognising a growing trend for the delivery of complete marina projects. As a company offering a mix of award-winning products and an attractive ‘slip/boat lift combination’, it is able to deliver a one-stop-package that generates a stronger bottom line for marina owners. Company founder, Bill Golden, believes that close attention to product detail and development, and forward thinking have been the “cornerstone” of Golden’s success and longevity. Read more ...