Marina World Readership

Print readership

Published six times a year – January, March, May, July, September and November – Marina World focuses on geographical trends, new marina developments and a broad range of topics that are essential to designing, maintaining and managing a functional modern marina. The magazine is mailed to marina planners, owners, managers and developers; equipment suppliers; key industry associations; municipal authorities developing waterfronts worldwide; and marina service providers. In addition to our international circulation, Marina World enjoys bonus distribution at key industry events in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific.
The average net print circulation for the last audit period (July 2018 – June 2019) was 7,146 and the audit issue (May/June 2019) was circulated to 6,927 readers. Circulation is updated regularly in-house.
Print circulation
Europe, Middle East & Africa
North America
Central & South America
Asia Pacific
The total worldwide net circulation of Marina World is 6,927, as certified by ABC.

Digital readership

Marina World currently has nearly 22,000* unique digital readers giving each issue of the magazine a total circulation of over 12,000. Each issue of Marina World is stored on our online library, and statistics from Google Analytics and our digital partner Yumpu show that all editions continue to be accessed throughout the year.
Readership for each issue builds over time as marinas, industry associations, service and equipment providers create links to on-line digital pages, which are often distributed widely and can be read many months, and in some cases years, after publication.
The total readership for each issue averages 25,000, with 70% being on-line readers using desktops, smart phones and tablets.
Marina World Suppliers & Services receives an average of 20,000 direct digital hits per annum. The publication is also accessed via the live database on and is used extensively directly. Well in excess of 9,000 print copies are also distributed throughout the year; to the entire Marina World readership with the March/April issue of Marina World and at marina-specific industry events.

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* Unique digital readers do not receive print copies.