‘Rolls Royce’ marina for Ritz Carlton

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BAHRAIN: Poralu Marine and its Middle East partner United Marine Trading (UMT) have completed a luxurious 36-berth marina for the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Manama, the capital of the island kingdom of Bahrain. The quality installation, which was designed, manufactured and assembled in just a few months in 2017, replaces a dilapidated system.

Poralu and UMT delivered 1,000m² (10,764ft²) of aluminium pontoons and fingers to accommodate boats of 8 to 20m (26 to 66ft) in general – a 27m (88ft) vessel has also made the marina its home port.
All floating elements are decked using Ecoteck and related accessories, such as utility points for water and electricity, fire extinguishers and buoys were provided.
“The strength of Poralu Marine, which puts our brand at the height of quality, is our ability to perfectly incorporate personalised equipment like Ecoteck decking and coloured fenders with urban décor to create unique combinations. This is the reason our client was able to tell us we had built ‘the Rolls Royce of marinas’,” explained Benjamin Violet, manager of the Poralu Marine office in Dubai.


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