Inviting the world to Panama

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When talking about travel you may get the question, “Have you been to Germany?” One might answer, “Why, yes. I  changed planes in Frankfurt.” Clearly, the Frankfurt airport is not Germany. by Robert Wilkes

Likewise, Panama. Since the canal opened in 1914 and erased 12,875km (8,000mi) of sea travel between east and west, millions have transited. How many have really seen Panama? 
Alfredo Aleman, CEO of Grupo Los Pueblos, is a visionary developer who wants you to see Panama. He is the builder of Ocean Reef Islands Marina and residential development in the heart of Panama City, the metropolitan centre of the fastest growing economy in Latin America. “Everyone knows Panama is a crossroads,” said Aleman. “We want them to see it as a destination. We want them to discover our cosmopolitan cities, our national parks and our beautiful islands and beaches.”

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