Expanding stacking options with tilt-wall buildings - A move to ASAR

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“Over the past five years, boats have changed so much that even a barn that’s just ten years old can be obsolete,” says Robert Brown, president of Florida-based GCM Contracting Solutions. With Brown at the helm, GCM subsidiary Safe Harbour Dry Stacks has been on a mission to create drystack buildings that are not only exceptionally attractive but highly durable and increasingly flexible in terms of storage parameters. In its latest move, the company is embracing the benefits of Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASAR) systems.

Safe Harbour benefits from decades of experience in tilt-up concrete building construction. This process, the company argues, offers unparalleled advantages for the drystack sector when compared with pre-engineered steel as it is designed to resist pressure. Solidly pinned and cemented into place, the concrete panels both support the structure and provide hurricane-rated wind shear. An average building can achieve a wind rating in excess of 200mph (322 km/h) and consistent strength is achieved at heights of 65ft (20m) and above.

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