Marasi Business Bay: from mirage to reality

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CGI of Marasi Bay at night highlights the range of berth sizes and public spaces.

Building one of the most innovative marina designs in a hot desert climate and working with a multitude of different cultures, materials and time-scales is proving challenging but rewarding. Oscar Siches gives an update on Dubai’s ambitious Marasi project, set to complete in 2023.

While the marina and nautical industries have grown in parallel, development and innovation in marinas has always trailed behind yacht design as the industry is conservative and reluctant to implement change. For example, marinas only began offering electricity in the 1970s, when yachts fitted fridges and air conditioning. They offered Wi-Fi in the early 2000s when laptops became ubiquitous. Marina designers and operators tend to drag on proven facts and only improve when clients make a specific request. They do not, in general, innovate.

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