All-weather slips added at Bear Lake

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USA: Oklahoma-based marina company Meeco Sullivan has completed a second phase redevelopment at Bear Lake State Park Marina in Garden City, Utah.

The project encompassed 218 boat slips and 440ft (134m) of dock walkways with 12in (30cm) galvanised steel frames and composite decking. The arrangement has end ties and three gangway landings. Slips are all single loaded and range in size from 20-48ft (6-15m).
Every dock incorporates Meeco Sullivan’s telescoping spud piling anchor system, utilising galvanised piling pipe frame and 4in (10cm) galvanised pipe pilings to provide a secure all season anchorage that easily adapts to fluctuating lake levels and winter conditions. Bear Lake State Park Marina now has approximately 380 slips with longer side ties for 48ft+ (15m+) boats.
Work went more smoothly than anticipated in unexpectedly poor weather conditions as the docks were shipped in pre-assembled sections.



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